School of nature education

Due to unexpected increase in numbers of schools needed in London, local learning trust is in the process of re-organising and resitting three schools in the area, to both density of existing sites and the revenue for the construction of new school from the development and re-sale of the residential units on the site.

How this site appropriated may determined by the pedagogical requirements and stance against this political and economical backdrop. 

Therefore, my project aims to give a solution through how the spatial hierarchy uses of school adopt over time to change a mind of educational drivers that is to insist school is where children grow, what pedagogical environment should be. 

Spatial arrangement was decided based on a research of Indian tribe’s village organisation where people purely arrange the space based on the least needs of their daily life.




STUDIO : 神奈川県茅ヶ崎市十間坂1-4-64-402



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