A juxtaposition of human relationships in nature








On a certain day on my way home, as I rode my bicycle past Shichirigahama Beach, I encountered a mountain of accumulated sand.

It was a scene crafted by nature. A landscape that had been passed by the wind. Footprints of people intruding upon a scene crafted by nature. A scene created by nature leaking through artificial elements. Nevertheless, the nostalgic worldview that lingers in people's hearts is something that only humans can create.

As I gazed at the footprints left here and there, I was once again impressed by the fact that humans are truly free creatures. Whether artificial or natural, every place has its own sort of dress code, but integrating people's will into the space like a pathway for the wind is, of course, a complex matter. While taking photos, I felt as though I was being led into deep contemplation.

In any project, harmony with the surrounding environment (not limited to nature) is always an extremely important issue, but at the same time, it is also a very difficult one.

The composition of human presence, human ideas, and harmony with the environments of each region might be somewhat understandable if these four photos could be organized effectively.




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